COMING SOON! "Emerald Bowl" Bottled Kava Specialty Drink

COMING SOON! "Emerald Bowl" Bottled Kava Specialty Drink


750ml/25oz -$15ea or Case (6)- $80

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EMERALD BOWL: Organic Kava Root, Coconut Water, Hemp Milk (water, brown rice, hulled hemp seed, natural vanilla, xanthan and other natural flavors), Organic Northern California Honey, Organic Matcha Green Tea (contains caffeine)

Haven Tree Kava is organically grown and ethically sourced from the Pacific Islands. Kava's uses and benefits go back thousands of years while bringing communities together. It relaxes muscles, calms nerves, and relieves tension throughout the mind and body. Kava has a way of bringing you a sense of well-being and calmness while offering clarity and mental alertness.


Crafted & Bottled by Laniakea Holistics - Humboldt County, CA

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